Sticky Traps
for Flying Insects
Sticky Traps for flying insects
Catch a broad array of flying insects

Use Seabright Sticky Traps with color attractants for economic and highly effective monitoring and mass-trapping of a broad spectrum of flying insects.

Seabright traps and use Stikem Special, a non toxic odorless adhesive which is very effective. Millions of these traps have been used by alert greenhouse growers, orchardists, universities and vintners.

Sticky Aphid/Whitefly Trap

Special hue of BRIGHT YELLOW catches:

Sticky Thrips/Leafminer Trap

Special hue of BLUE catches:

x Aphids
x Whiteflies
x Leafhoppers
x FungusGnats
x Froghoppers

x Moths
x Thrips
x Leafminers

Easy-to-open 4"x7" trap reverse folds to expose 4"x14" sticky (yellow or blue) surface with grid for precision monitoring purposes. Approximately 30 square inch adhesive area.
Non-poisonous and weatherproof. Punched with hole and twist-tie provided to easily hang trap. Easy to handle and count insects without getting sticky.

Sticky Trap
Sticky Trap with Grid (Yellow or Blue)
100 Foot Yellow Ribbon Trap
"Hi, Jim. Just a note to thank you for your help in getting the traps.
They arrived yesterday, and within about 30 seconds of installing them, I had 4 thrips on the grid!
I couldn't be more pleased, as thrips are virtually my only persistent insect problem with growing orchids under lights. I'm going to post a short note about the traps when I put out the next issue of our local orchid society newsletter (I'm the editor...)
Thanks again!  Cheers"
- Phil


Sticky Traps
To order call our toll free number at 1-800-284-7363


Suggested Retail Prices not including Shipping and Handling
Sticky Aphid/Whitefly Trap (Yellow) $9.00 per 10 pack
     $24.00 per 30 pack
Sticky Thrips/Leafminer Trap (Blue)  $10.00 per 10 pack
     $27.00 per 30 pack

To order call our toll free number at 1-800-284-7363
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