Roach Trap and Bait Placement Guide

In order to eliminate cockroaches, one should begin with a trapping program, which quickly removes large numbers of roaches. Trapping is the most accurate method to determine cockroach locations, concentrations, and population size; after doing so, it eliminates them completely. The traps will also help determine the best locations for bait-station placement. For most effective control, place all bait-stations at once. Replace Bait stations every 3 to 4 months for continuous protection against roaches.

Using the illustrations:  
  • Place traps where roaches are seen or suspected.
  • Place traps behind refrigerator, stove, in cabinets, pantry, along baseboards, counter, and underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Place traps along vertical surfaces, with both openings clear so that roaches can enter from both sides of the trap.
  • Check traps 2 to 4 days after installation:
  • Move traps that haven't caught roaches to areas where roaches are being caught.
  • Discard traps that are full and replace them with new ones

  • Open plastic pouch, remove bait stations and break apart from plastic frame.
  • Using illustrations below, place bait stations where roaches have been seen.
  • Bait stations may be left on a flat surface or attached to a vertical surface using the two-sided tape that is provided.
  • Do not place bait stations in Traps or near flames!
  • Adjust bait station placement 2 to 4 days after infestation.
  • Move bait stations to areas where traps are catching roaches.
Seabright Roach Bait
Roaches visible only at night.
Place 6 Traps and 6 Baits
per home or apartment unit.
Roaches visible in the day time.
Place 12 Traps and 12 Baits
per home or apartment unit.

 Place Roach Bait

WARNING! Do not use bug sprays near these materials;
this destroys the attractiveness of both traps and baits.

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